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The Rust and Oak guide to dressing your Christmas dining table

Styling your Christmas dining table for 2022

With Christmas just around the corner once again, many of us are internally planning our Christmas day set up - where will the Christmas tree go, will you have enough room for all the food and most importantly, will you have enough room around your dining table to fit family and friends? it is likely that your dinner table will be the focus of your day no matter where it is placed, so it's important that you are happy with your layout and design. Christmas day brings family and friends together and will set the tone for the day. 

This month, Rust & Oak bring you the perfect guide to dressing your Christmas table, including advice and tips to help your table look fantastic no matter where it is in your home. We will also let you know all about our different table styles that are not just perfect for Christmas time but look amazing all year round. 

Finding the perfect Christmas dining table

Before you begin planning out the ideal Christmas dining table, it's important to know how many guests you plan to have to come to your home on the big day and what you plan to serve. This will make a difference to how you set your table up and, most importantly, whether you plan to lay your food out on the table, if you will have a separate place to offer a buffet-style meal or if you will need to plate everything up before it reaches your hungry guests! If you are having a quiet Christmas, you may find that your normal dining table does the job perfectly, and you don't have to hunt around for additional space. If you have a lot of family and friends over, however, you will need to have a good think about how you are going to make everyone fit!

Now you know how many people are planning to come to your home on Christmas day, you can get to work on finding the space for everyone. Whether you have an extendable dining table or you are going to place several different table styles together, try having a practice run beforehand so you can be confident everyone will fit. If you are adding multiple tables together, try to find a tablecloth that will cover the entire space, or get several tablecloths of the same colour to keep your decoration in hand.

At Rust and Oak, we have a great variety of dining tables perfect for every occasion. Whilst round tables are great for enticing conversation amongst everyone; rectangular dining tables are often the go-to at Christmas as they are generally bigger and can fit more guests. For those intimate Christmas dinners, we recommend our round dining table with hairpin legs. Featuring the beauty of natural wood with a protective wax oil finish, this table can be customised to your choice, including wax finishes and leg colours. If you are having a larger party for Christmas, we have a range of rectangular dining tables with a selection of finishes perfect to fit everyone comfortably. All our furniture is handcrafted to a rustic finish, combining a sleek and modern design without losing the beauty of natural wood. 

Dining table inspiration for every family 

So, you have your dining table set up, and you know where everyone is going to sit and where you are going to place the food. Now it's time to find the perfect decorations for your table. No Christmas dining table is complete without a beautiful centrepiece that draws the eye and sets off your entire table. A great and flexible centrepiece is often in the form of a garland that stretches across your table, leaving space for drinks in the middle. Finish your garland off by placing it on a simple table runner. Not only will this create the perfect look, but you will also protect your table from getting scratched. 

If the garland centrepiece doesn't appeal to you, and you are looking for a more glamorous feel, why not find some beautiful decorative items that you can accompany with smaller baubles, trinkets, and glitter? Large decorative ornaments will help your dining table to stand out, whilst the smaller items will help to give your table some depth and offer a wider design appeal. Adding a simple tablecloth to finish your look will help protect your table from the wear and tear of Christmas day whilst bringing your decoration together in the best way. 

If your table is on the smaller side, or you are concerned that there may not be enough space for all the drinks and debris that seem to follow us at Christmas, why not keep things simple and find the perfect Christmas tablecloth to offer up as decoration? We always recommend using a protective tablecloth when having multiple guests over for dinner, as your table needs protecting from cutlery, glassware and hot plates that may come into contact with its surface. If you are planning on opting for this minimal look, we guarantee that with some beautifully styled napkins, a flourish of crackers and your all-important glassware, your table will still look fantastic. 

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This Christmas, we want you to be able to enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends without worrying about how you are going to fit everyone into your home. If you are worried that your dining table won't be up to scratch this Christmas, why not take a look at our range of dining tables on our website and find the perfect fit for your home? 

Rust & Oak would like to wish all their clients and followers a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We look forward to bringing you more advice, tips, and guidance for your home inspiration in 2023! 

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