Get ahead with these rustic interior design trends for 2023

Get ahead with these rustic interior design trends for 2023

Create an adult space with modern rustic design trends

With 2022 almost over and 2023 knocking on the door, it's time to think about what we can expect to see in the world of interior design trends over the coming 12 months. 2022 has been an amazing time for design trends, and we have seen the likes of Japandi style rooms, sustainable living and Biophilic design.

But 2023 will have its own take on how we decorate and design our homes - and we cannot wait! Interior design trends are ever evolving - some last the test of time whilst others leave as quickly as they arrived. Each style complements the furniture we purchase, how we choose to light our homes and, of course, the accessories that show our personal flair. 

Rustic design trends have been a consistently evolving look, and your rustic features are set to make another comeback next year. If you are heading towards a rustic design look, consider bringing nature and natural elements into your home, combining comfort with warm palette tones, and introducing industrial-inspired products to bring your room to life.

At Rust&Oak, we have a wide variety of handcrafted rustic furniture pieces that work incredibly well with your rustic-design home. Our industrial coffee table, finished with steel frame legs, becomes a centrepiece in any living room, whilst our rustic wooden wall shelves help your beautiful accessories stand out.

Key features of a rustic design look

  • Bring the outdoors in with reclaimed wood furniture pieces
  • Incorporate earthy colours into your home
  • Embrace textured textiles, including throws and rugs 
  • Understand that your design elements can be perfectly imperfect


    Many of us have climate change and good-for-the-planet products at the forefront of our minds. That's why we focus on creating beautiful handcrafted wooden products using reclaimed wood. There is no doubt that sustainability will continue to be a priority for many homes over the coming years, and Rust&Oak supports this movement wherever we are able. 

    Industrial interior design trends to transform your home

    Following on from rustic design trends, industrial design will also be a key focus for homes in 2023. The industrial design style comes from the idea of New York lofts and features exposed steel beams, metal window frames and hardwood floors traditionally.

    There is something incredibly inviting about exposing the elements in your home whilst complementing these elements with comforting urban features. Raw materials will include the use of reclaimed wood, concrete and ever-present metals. With many homes having been converted from old factories and offices, we are in a great position to use the features already in our homes. 

    Key features of an industrial design look

    • Expose the imperfections in your home
    • Add natural touches to the softer furniture pieces
    • Less is more - pick your favourite larger furniture items 
    • Show your personality through the accessories you choose 


      Add in a small selection of larger industrial furniture pieces, such as an industrial console table, some well-placed wooden shelves and a steel-framed dining table, before considering your finishing touches to bring your space together. Softer textiles and furnishings can help you complete your industrial space whilst still making it comfortable and inviting.

      Velvet is a great material for your softer furniture pieces such as a chair, curtains, or cushions, and if you have chosen a darker industrial theme, pops of colour, including emerald green or mustard yellow, will complement your harder pieces. Finally, add some rugs and throws to bring depth and design into your room. 

      Embrace your minimalistic side with multifunctional spaces

      Space continues to be a big commodity in UK homes, and many homeowners have had to create multipurpose spaces that work well whether you are working from home, relaxing in the evening or entertaining guests for a party.

      Design trends in 2023 will continue to support multi-functional homes and creating bespoke interiors that work for your individual needs will be a big focus. However, with multi-functional spaces comes the need for a minimalistic style, so you can avoid ending up with a cluttered space that works for no one. 

      Minimalism is an effective approach to design because it allows our eyes and brains to focus more intently on the subject matter by reducing the amount of visual clutter. This makes minimalism a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of rooms in your home, from the living room to your office and tranquil bathroom. 

      Key features of a minimalist multifunctional look

      • Keep your lines clean - avoid multiple furniture pieces that bulk out your room 
      • Choose a natural colour palette to keep your room clean 
      • Empty, open spaces are perfect for a minimalist style 
      • Choose a small handful of elements that give your room character


        A minimalist interior is a great option for those working with a limited budget (with the exception of a few high-end pieces, of course). These interiors are easy to maintain and come with sleek, modern furniture that makes a bold statement. The use of bright colours and negative space also creates the illusion of a larger room.

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        Merry Christmas from the team at Rust&Oak 

        What an exciting year it has been for our team! We have thoroughly enjoyed supporting homes all over the UK with their interior design needs, and our handcrafted wooden furniture pieces have proven popular with every design and budget available.

        We would like to thank our incredible customers for your continued support throughout 2022 - we look forward to creating more reclaimed wood pieces for you and new customers in 2023! 

        Until that time, the entire team at Rust&Oak would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! 

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